Three Poems

Three poems, all I’ve left of you
One sad, one smart, one bold
Three poems now of what we two
Once in our hearts did hold
Three poems made in all our years
So smothered, dark and cold
Three poems, no more, my issue
Though I am years more old

Three songs I write to bring me on
Hopeful, grinning, alive
Three songs I have now I am gone
I think that I might thrive
Three songs, three months, and more to come
Alone I find I strive
Three songs, now that I’m not withdrawn
My rediscovered drive

Three times I cried when you were lost
But I have made my choice
Three times I felt too great the cost
And yet I’ve found my voice
Three times I let my tears exhaust
Urged you toward other boys
Three times I mourned our paths uncrossed
But now I must rejoice