Ode to my Snot

O, snot of my nose! You drive me to dose
With NyQuil or Quil of the Day
And yet do I knows, O snot of my nose
You can’t be fully driven away

O, snot of my nose, I can smell no rose
Not flower nor Shakespeare’s small pun
Ambiguous goes all my thought on my nose
But I do rather wish he’d not run

O, snot of my nose, I self-diagnose
With itis or lurgy or plague
I superimpose on my effluent nose
Diseases as vile as they’re vague

O, snot of my nose! May I propose
A much better bond with my face?
For when I hover just over my lover
Preferably you’d stay in place

O, snot of my nose, I pause and compose
A long serenade from my head
With tissue and throes, o snot of my nose
I’ll replace you with headache, instead