Whoa the hog eye sailors roll and go
When they come down to San Francisco
  With a hog eye
  railroad navvy
  With a hog eye and you row ashore
  She wants a hog eye man

The best sea shanty band I've ever seen is--
Sorry New England--
Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana

Hog Eye Navvy plays their hearts out every Saturday
For two hours to a packed crowd
Of landlocked landlubbers
Who would be privateers

I though I heard the old man say
John Kanaka-naka tu-ri-a
Work tomorrow but no work today
John Kanaka-naka tu-ri-a

Tammy is admin staff for a CPA firm, underpaid
Because they don't realize she's load-bearing
And if she walked out the roof would cave in
Andy and Ryan work where they make
Lucky Charms. Together they make more
Than the rest of us combined
And they are here to spend some
Of that sweet, sweet marshmallow money
Jayson is an actor! Who plays a waiter
Tuesday through Saturday from 3 to 12
I work part time for my mom
So I don't have to call myself
We are all talking about lobbying the government
To reinstate letters of marque and reprisal
We are ten people
With seven jobs
And four college degrees
We are the Rust Belt hiding from itself
In a corner bar on a Saturday night

Last Hogmanay at Glesca' Fair, 
There was me, my'sel' and' sev'ral mair 
And we all resol'ed tae hae a tear, 
And spend the nicht in Rothsay-o 

But tonight
Oh tonight
We are sailors
We are smugglers
We are pirates!
We are are no man's secretary
Or staff
We are no proles
We are no one's blue collar gone gray with grime

It's a hog eye ship and a hog eye crew
A hog eye mate and skipper, too
With a hog eye
Railroad navvy
with a hog eye and you row ashore
With a hogeye, yo
She wants a hogeye man 

Every Saturday night
For two hours
We are free