Responses to people who tell me to cheer up

Responses for people who want me to cheer up

1. No

2. this isn't
   emotional McDonald's
   You don't get to have it your way
   this is more like I'm
   a three-star Michelin chef of feelings
   I am constructing complex, interconnecting experiences
   We'll call today's "molecular despondency"
   and you will take what you're served
   or you will go somewhere else

4. No!

5. Sadness is not depression
   I spent so long erased
   Fought so hard to feel
   Formed myself into ranks to
   Assault my own blank walls
   Broke through to feel again
   And if all that's on the other side right now is sadness
6. You can't have my sorrow!
   I built it myself
   out of popsicles sticks and empty milk cartons
   in the hospital where it was the only thing
   they let me keep at night when they took my shoelaces and my cords
   it is the only thing that has always been mine!
7. Look
   my fire went out
   I was unmade
   This body burned out
   But I promise
   I have formed what's left into a perfect
   within which to rest unborn you see
   when one wears of this world
   there must be an ashen time
   before one can again
   be fire