I'm not a hat guy. But I'm not not a hat guy more than
                      I'm not a sun guy. There's a lot of sun at the folk fest
                      , so every year I buy a straw hat. There are certain thi
                     ngs I have to buy enough of to be finding as fast as I los
                     e them if I want to have them around. Hats,earbuds, tiny b
                     ottles of ibuprofen, micro USB, anything small that I don'
                    t keep on me.                            I wish I could make
                    a collection of you. I would have so much of you around that
                   I'd always be finding you. You'd be in the corner with my disc
                   arded pants, tucked in my money clip. You'd be under the passe
                 nger seat of my car. You'd be at the library, or behind the bar at 
   the last place I went for drinks. You'd show up everywhere, and I could never lose you.
   Instead you're just gone, just gone, I know exactly where to find you and I still can't